Wireless Networking Connectivity

Development, drilling and production teams can be more efficient when they have access to communications on all areas of rigs, platforms, support vessels and their surrounding areas, not just in locations where cabling exists. Having access to communications on all areas of energy assets enables real-time operations and expedites collaboration and decision-making.  No longer do onboard crews have to wait to send model updates or drilling reports if they are working in an area where no wired communications infrastructure exists.

Harris CapRock’s First Mile Wireless service answers the need for critical connectivity of drilling sites or producing fields into a wider network. Where traditional cabling methods are impossible, impractical or too expensive, wireless communications allow energy companies to extend the office network environment securely to the wellhead and manage assets at the first mile of exploration and production.

Seamless Connectivity

Combining proven WiFi (802.11) capabilities and WiMAX (802.16) functionality, Harris CapRock provides seamless connectivity for onsite and offsite information transfer. The technique can be used to compliment a user’s existing communications infrastructure to extend connections to where they are needed. Communications, information and data services can now be deployed to previously unreachable locations. Integrated QoS ensures traffic is prioritized so that critical data is handled correctly.