Dedicated to Helping Customers Complete Their Missions

Harris CapRock provides support and service to more than 2,000 customer sites, and it doesn’t take any of them for granted. With nearly three decades of experience serving customer operations in some of the world’s most remote regions, Harris CapRock is not just another contractor, but a partner, proudly invested in the mission success of its customers.

Some communications are just not optional.
  • Harris CapRock specializes in providing highly dependable managed communication solutions for customers that operate in remote and harsh environments, where reliable communications are not just a luxury, but a lifeline. Harris CapRock is committed to supporting these globally deployed missions with real-time communications that help customers conduct daily operations and ensure personnel safety.
Every customer mission is a Harris CapRock mission.
  • Harris CapRock strategically invests to expand and advance its infrastructure so that pre-positioned services are available when customers need them. Harris CapRock has presence and service availability in the regions where customers operate today and where they will operate in the future.
Results are mandatory.
  • Customers rely on Harris CapRock to meet their requirements virtually anywhere in the world. Operating its own extensive infrastructure gives Harris CapRock direct control over the people, assets and networks required for high-quality, secure products and services.