WAN Optimization

High latency and congested satellite connections often lead to poor application performance, making it virtually impossible for remote personnel to collaborate effectively with the corporate office. As the demand for bandwidth continues to grow in response to remote personnel needing to send and receive critical data anywhere at any time, there is an even greater need to optimize traffic and lessen the impact of latency on application performance over wide area networks (WANs.)

WAN Benefits

With Harris CapRock’s turnkey WAN Optimization service, powered by Riverbed Technology, remote employees located hundreds of miles offshore or in isolated regions around the world take advantage of improved real-time collaboration and increased access to a variety of corporate resources because of greater bandwidth availability. Additionally, the solution maximizes the security and protection of data while reducing the need to increase bandwidth, storage and servers.

Speed Where it Counts

Designed as a scalable solution, Harris CapRock’s WAN Optimization service accelerates application performance, optimizes bandwidth utilization and simplifies backup and replication. The solution delivers LAN-like access to key business applications, including file sharing, email, databases, Internet, document management, ERP and CRM, ensuring only the most robust connectivity for a distributed global workforce.

WAN diagram

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