Custom-Built Terrestrial Network Solutions

From major defense installations to energy companies operating rig fleets across the world’s oceans, Harris CapRock customers depend on reliable networks for seamless access to voice, video and data. They require a communications partner with access points around the globe so they can send and receive communications securely between their remote sites and the hubs where they conduct business, whether they are regional offices located in remote areas or corporate headquarters in major metropolises.

Harris CapRock owns and manages extensive global terrestrial infrastructure that includes more than 80 Points of Presence.

Map of Harris CapRock's global terrestrial infrastructure that includes<br /> more than 80 Points of Presence.

Harris CapRock operates a global MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) network that provides customers with secure, reliable network data transport from nearly any location in the world. The terrestrial component of the network enables end-to-end connectivity for VSAT services by leveraging an extensive terrestrial infrastructure that includes more than 80 Points of Presence (PoPs). Combined with its strategic global carrier partnerships, Harris CapRock is able to extend the terrestrial footprint even further. Seamlessly integrated through its teleports on six continents, Harris CapRock delivers a complete end-to-end satellite and terrestrial solution to provide comprehensive communication services.

Harris CapRock’s terrestrial team specializes in designing custom networks that bring together communications to increase user productivity and integrate global, remote and local operations. Engineered solutions provide multiple customer connectivity options such as customer-provided access, point-to-multipoint, point-to-point, Internet VPN over Ethernet or IP. While some service providers attempt to fit customer requirements into their pre-existing network offerings, Harris CapRock’s custom-built terrestrial solutions are developed exclusively based on user needs. Harris CapRock invests millions annually in its MPLS network to meet customers’ unique requirements.