Specialized Communications Equipment

When operations are thousands of miles from civilization, remote personnel require reliable equipment that is designed for the most challenging environments. Leveraging equipment that is designed specifically for industrial locations significantly reduces potential failures and the need to deploy technicians to evaluate problems.

Harris CapRock delivers specialized communications equipment that is designed specifically to operate in harsh environments. Equipment is time-tested in extreme weather, and hardware is built in rugged, protected transit cases. With a dedicated research and development team and more than $1 billion in R&D investments in 2010, Harris CapRock partners with customers to meet their specific equipment requirements.

Radio Communications

Harris CapRock provides multiple radio lines in all major frequencies and designs from tactical radios to private radio communications. With advanced multi-functional capabilities and performance, Harris CapRock’s radios offer unique advantages not available with competing solutions.

In-house VSAT Manufacturing Capabilities

Through its manufacturing facilities in the UK, Singapore and the U.S., Harris CapRock manufactures fit-for-purpose and custom-designed solutions. Ranging from fixed to stabilized systems that are .6 to 3.0 meters, Harris CapRock’s proprietary technology provides unique opportunities for product security and customization.

Transportable VSAT Platforms

Harris CapRock provides a range of transportable communication platforms that are easy to set up and configure including Communications on the Move (COTM), truck-mounted systems, trailerized packages and quick-deploy units. Equipment also can be configured to be airline checkable and be man packable.

Reconn™ Mobile SATCOM Toolkit

Satellite technicians typically carry as much as 160 pounds of test equipment in the field. As mission partners to customers in dispersed sites around the globe, Harris CapRock understands the need for efficient and convenient solutions.


Harris CapRock offers a variety of stabilized and fixed antenna systems to meet the communications requirements of customers. Harris CapRock deploys only the most reliable antennas as part of its fully managed communication solutions.