Turnkey VSAT Solutions for Commercial Maritime Operations

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In today’s commercial shipping industry, vessel operators need unlimited access to communications so they can operate each vessel as an office at sea. When captains have access to email, network reports and corporate applications, they can increase the operational efficiency of their vessels. Operators also need a cost-effective means to entertain onboard crews that may be out to sea for weeks or months at a time. By providing attractive entertainment services, vessel operators can boost crew morale and improve crew retention.

Harris CapRock’s SeaAccess service is a turnkey VSAT solution that provides unlimited, always-on access to high-speed Internet, business data and voice and fax services for a fixed cost. This eliminates price fluctuations associated with pay-by-the-minute solutions and allows shipping companies to budget their communication costs consistently and accurately. Also, SeaAccess offers a host of crew morale and IT services including crew calling cards, Internet access solutions and application hosting and backoffice support. And with C and Ku-band service coverage paired with in-region support and a 24/7 Help Desk, support is always within reach.

Today, SeaAccess supports more than 220 commercial shipping vessels such as tankers, cargo ships and specialty vessels operating around the globe.