Turnkey VSAT Solutions for Offshore Drilling & Production

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When operating drilling rigs and production platforms often hundreds of miles away, energy companies need access to reliable communications similar to those available at the corporate office. This lets remote crews send critical data back to the beach and provides experts onshore with the information and reports needed to make real-time decisions that impact drilling directions and plans.

Harris CapRock’s FieldAccess turnkey service for the offshore market enables secure corporate networking, Voice over IP, broadband Internet and real-time data and video. Delivered as a total managed solution, FieldAccess includes network design, equipment, service and support.

Harris CapRock understands the global nature of the offshore energy industry. Assets are continually moving to new regions of the globe, and customers need to have uninterrupted connectivity. By partnering with Harris CapRock, clients receive seamless service coverage without switching out equipment, all the while receiving the same user experience even if their drilling rigs move halfway around the world.

Customers rely on Harris CapRock for reliable, global communication services. The world’s largest offshore drilling contractor depends on Harris CapRock for its fleet-wide satellite communication services as do hundreds of other contractors, operators and service companies.