End-to-End Solutions for the Government Market

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In today’s evolving milsatcom landscape, government and military personnel deployed across the globe need reliable communications that enable information sharing and enhance situational awareness. To ensure that personnel in the field are able to communicate effectively with their chain of command, customers depend on responsive, high-performance, two-way satellite communications solutions for data, voice, VoIP and video. Frequent moves, additions and changes are standard in today’s military operations, which exponentially increases bandwidth usage and the costs associated with it.

Harris CapRock’s complete end-to-end subscription services

End To End Services Diagram

To simplify the purchase of satellite-based communications, Harris CapRock developed CommandAccess™, a pre-packaged subscription service tailored to the unique needs of government and military users. CommandAccess is the first military-grade solution designed to meet the demanding requirements of military applications. This commercial, off-the-shelf service provides secure, real-time broadband communications between defense installations and assets in the field.

Available in several packages and data rates for a flat monthly fee, the service creates new options for field-deployed government agencies that require a critical reach-back link for their worldwide operations. The options available under the subscription service include a shared offering and dedicated offering depending on the customer’s needs.