Managed Satellite Communication Services

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Military personnel executing combat operations, remote personnel drilling hundreds of miles offshore and captains pioneering in uncharted waters all require reliable communications that simply cannot fail. Harris CapRock’s customers operate in some of the world’s most remote and harsh environments where highly dependable communications are more than a luxury – they are a lifeline.

Remote personnel require turnkey communication services that provide them with the critical connectivity and tools required to successfully perform their mission and business objectives. By leveraging Harris CapRock’s end-to-end satellite solutions, customers can focus on their operations rather than worry about the availability and reliability of their communications.

Harris CapRock provides VSAT services for the government, energy and maritime markets that deliver converged voice, video and data to virtually anywhere in the world. Services are available in either standard packages that are easy to procure that include equipment, service and support or as custom-designed solutions that range from private networks to specialized equipment terminals. With more than 1,200 employees focused on remote communications, Harris CapRock has the bandwidth to support customers’ complete communication requirements.

Today, Harris CapRock supports and monitors more than 4,000 VSATs around the world and is the largest procurer of space segment outside of the U.S. government. Regardless of how remote clients’ operations may be, Harris CapRock has the resources, infrastructure and expertise to provide reliable communications that can be counted on day in and day out.