Oil Partnering Network

Energy customers need to share information with each other, their suppliers and partners securely and in real-time to facilitate quick decision-making and collaboration. Harris CapRock’s Oil Partnering Network is a fully managed, supported and secure IP exchange for critical oilfield operations, engineering projects and exploration and production partner reporting, for situations where other open access networks are not deemed acceptable.

Access a Secure, Reliable Connection

The Oil Partnering Network offers onshore and offshore connections via terrestrial and satellite technologies. It is monitored and managed 24/7 by Harris CapRock Customer Support Centers and provides network availability of 99.995% (excluding planned downtime,) ensuring the security and reliability of the network is solid and consistent.

Simplify Connections and Reduce Costs

Users of the Oil Partnering Network need only one connection to the network rather than hundreds of individual connections to each other or to suppliers and partners. This significantly reduces the cost of interconnectivity and supports security risk management.

Today, more than 120 organizations are connected with the Oil Partnering Network, including oil and gas companies, engineering and drilling contractors and logistics and IT firms. They have the power to communicate with privacy, reliability and predictability wherever they are in the world.