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Communications requirements for yachts are special. Unlike other vessels, yachts are often in port for an extended period of time and not constantly traversing the same route. As a result, bandwidth and antenna lease agreements need to be flexible enough to handle extended periods of inactivity coupled with times of heightened bandwidth requirements. Harris CapRock works with its customers to find the model that works best for them.

Luxury yacht operators face IT demands ranging from providing passenger entertainment services to delivering corporate data and information to captains and crews so they can manage their vessels efficiently. Leveraging highly reliable communications is critical to ensure that vessels experience no operational downtime and can be operated with the full amenities and functionality available as if the ships were actually resorts onshore.

Harris CapRock specializes in the complete integration and service of communications, entertainment, navigation and other IT systems for individual luxury yachts and fleets. With hundreds of global field technicians, Harris CapRock conducts site surveys, designs network plans and commissions service in timeframes that meet clients’ demanding schedules. Harris CapRock’s engineered networks provide service that exceeds expectations whether making a phone call home, surfing the Internet or accessing applications such as streaming video and live gaming.

Harris CapRock solutions have the scalability and reach to service vessels operating even in the most isolated locations. Its global infrastructure includes teleports on six continents to provide worldwide service coverage. Plus Harris CapRock has a local presence in 23 countries, enabling “next available” port service so cruise operators can rest assured that support is always close by. For more than 30 years, Harris CapRock has specialized in serving the comprehensive IT and communication requirements of clients operating at sea.