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Cruise line operators face IT demands ranging from providing passenger entertainment services to delivering corporate data and information to captains and crews so they can manage their vessels efficiently. Leveraging highly reliable communications is critical to ensure that vessels experience no operational downtime and can be operated with the full amenities and functionality available as if the cruise ships were actually resorts onshore. Today’s passengers demand it!

Harris CapRock specializes in the complete integration and service of communications, entertainment, navigation and other IT systems for large, global cruise fleets. Harris CapRock’s engineered networks provide service that exceeds expectations whether:

  • Making a phone call home
  • Surfing the Internet
  • Accessing applications such as streaming video and live gaming
  • Sending data to the corporate office

The company has provided managed communications services to the cruise industry since 1999 and currently delivers unprecedented service performance to more than 150 cruise ships operating around the world. Clients include Carnival Cruise, Royal Caribbean, Star Cruises and Hurtigruten. If you’re interested in more information on Harris CapRock’s communications services for your ship, please e-mail us at HCinfo@harris.com with “Cruise Inquiry” in the subject line.