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Today, sophisticated and secure communication networks play an indispensable role in the strategic and tactical operations of a nation’s intelligence community. National security missions increasingly rely on advanced commercial satcom and information technology solutions to manage vast amounts of data with timely dissemination requirements.

Harris CapRock understands that government and intel missions require an ever-increasing amount of commercial bandwidth to get critical information to and from the battlefield. As the world’s single-largest buyer of satellite bandwidth, with some 4 Gigahertz across more than 60 satellites, Harris CapRock puts buying power on the customers’ side for lower bandwidth costs.

With missions ranging from specialized intelligence acquisition, to providing complete converged voice, video and data services for personnel in forward deployed positions, Harris CapRock’s solutions must constantly be at the forefront of innovation. As an end-to-end, facilities-based service provider with a global infrastructure that includes major earth station teleports on six continents, five 24/7 Customer Support Centers and cleared in-field personnel, Harris CapRock ensures better command, control and communications support for customer missions. This is especially true when compared to service providers that outsource key elements of the service infrastructure.

The sensitivity of today’s intelligence information makes the integrity and security of the communications network all the more important. Harris CapRock provides the latest in specialized government-only commercial space segment, including X-band and military Ka-band, offering the latest in satcom and terrestrial technologies, and using it in the most sophisticated ways to meet the challenges of the intelligence community.

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