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  • Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Response
  • Disaster Recovery

From humanitarian aid, homeland and national security operations to emergency response efforts, the mission sets of today’s government and civilian agencies have become increasingly complex and global in nature. In times of crisis, reliable communication networks are critical for information sharing and real-time decision-making. With thousands of dispersed locations, both in theater and around the world, national, regional and local agencies require flexible, secure communications for maximum effectiveness.

Harris CapRock’s global infrastructure seamlessly connects government agency personnel, facilities and resources to ensure the uninterrupted flow of critical information. Specializing in the complete systems integration and end-to-end service solutions, Harris CapRock allows customers to focus on their core mission requirements and priorities, rather than being burdened with managing complex pervasive critical communication networks.

To support these agencies’ everyday and emergency communications needs, Harris CapRock operates Customer Support Centers for continuous support and monitoring. These 24/7 facilities are dedicated to providing quality incident responsiveness and mitigating any service disruptions to customers’ critical networks.

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