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Global governments trust Harris CapRock for critical communications solutions.

As the world’s largest provider of fully managed communications to remote and harsh environments, Harris CapRock understands that lives often depend on the reliability of its solutions. Whether the focus is defense, intelligence, border security operations, emergency response or humanitarian aid, government and military customers depend on secure, high-performance, critical communications for mission success.
The mission profiles of Harris CapRock customers range from highly specialized Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) to providing fully converged voice, video and data communications for large groups of personnel located on forward operating bases. Some customers need a robust communications solution for only a single location, while others need to support thousands of geographically dispersed end-users.

Fully Managed Communications from Mission Headquarters to the Foxhole™

Today, Harris CapRock provides primary and stand-by communications for more than 20 large-scale, managed private satellite networks, and more than 30 government agencies trust Harris CapRock for their critical communications solutions. Global coverage means Harris CapRock can meet any airborne, maritime or ground-based requirement anywhere in the world using fiber and a range of satellite bands including UHF, X-band, Ku-band and Ka-band.