Land Drilling Communications

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Cost Effective Quick Deployment Operations

  • Drill Site Communications
  • Fractured Truck Operations
  • Mud Logging Applications

When operating a land drilling site, remote personnel need to collaborate with experts back in the regional offices or headquarters. Sending critical well data back to specialists and receiving input and direction enables remote personnel to make more educated, quicker drilling decisions.

Harris CapRock provides comprehensive rig VSAT communications and IT services for rig contractors, operators and service companies that enable remote drilling sites to be operated as if they were another company office. Available in pre-packaged, off-the-shelf services or as custom-designed solutions, customers have the flexibility to leverage Harris CapRock for their turnkey requirements or for only part of their network.

Whether clients require VSAT satellite services, remote office setup and IT services or land mobile radios and support equipment, they can depend on Harris CapRock for reliable services. And with fast response times and in-region support, Harris CapRock is positioned to help customers make quick rig moves and re-mobilize operations without waiting on communications. Today Harris CapRock supports several hundred rig sites along with their regional offices.