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Nine out of the ten largest offshore drilling contractors rely on Harris CapRock

Drilling contractors, operators and service companies demand communications and IT services that meet their specific operational requirements. Contractors need comprehensive, reliable solutions that scale to support their growing number of sites – drilling rigs, remote offices and shore bases – often located in multiple regions at any given time. At the same time, their offshore assets need to be equipped with the latest technology and capabilities so that they can meet the demands of their clients.

Comprehensive expertise provides ‘best fit’ end-to-end solutions

Energy Communications

Harris CapRock leverages its expertise across terrestrial, satellite and other wireless technologies to deliver best-fit solutions for clients that not only focus on their remote assets but also the integrity, security and reach of their IT network and infrastructure. Supporting more than 700 customers that operate in remote environments, Harris CapRock understands the needs of energy clients with isolated offshore and land-based operations.

Many of the largest energy players rely on Harris CapRock’s services for the design, installation and commissioning of their information and communication solutions. Today, nine out of the ten largest offshore drilling contractors rely on Harris CapRock.