Comprehensive Communications for missions that cannot fail

Harris CapRock combines the best of wireless, terrestrial and satellite technologies to provide comprehensive solutions that keep clients’ remote sites connected to each other as well as distant headquarters. Whether it’s a drilling rig hundreds of kilometers offshore, a fast moving military unit deep in the field, or a transoceanic vessel sailing to a new port of call, today’s remote operations depend on high performance communications both around the clock and around the globe.

Harris CapRock focuses exclusively on customers who operate in the world’s most demanding environments.


Providing reliable communications to land-based and offshore energy, mining and engineering & construction customers to support real-time applications and the collaboration of critical data.

Delivering fully managed, secure communications solutions to government and military customers with defense, intelligence, emergency response, and humanitarian aid missions.

Supplying communications platforms for at-sea operations that enable corporate networking, crew morale solutions and robust connectivity services.

Harris CapRock is a Single Source Provider of End-to-End Communications by Air, Land or Sea

Maritime Communications