As the demand to hire and retain qualified personnel for remote projects continues to grow, crew morale services play a much larger role in clients’ communications needs. Today’s remote personnel are looking for more than the ability to make a phone call or watch limited-access television, and companies are looking for ways to minimize costs while keeping their employees happy.

With a comprehensive entertainment and communication solution deployed at an offshore drilling rig, military camp, maritime vessel or remote site, customers can achieve a boost in employee morale and retention, improved health, safety and environment (HSE) standards compliance via distance training and reduced travel costs associated with onsite training programs.

Harris CapRock’s IPTV solution is an all-inclusive content distribution system that supports crew entertainment and corporate applications. The solution is scalable and modular by design to meet the unique requirements of any remote or transient team and delivers a wealth of entertainment content including live TV, movies, music and games and a variety of corporate applications such as safety training, certification courses and integration with CCTV and ROV feeds.

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