Our Commitment to Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

At Harris CapRock, we emphasize operational excellence, which includes much more than just cost; it’s the mindset for how we operate. It’s responding to customers quickly, performing our jobs in a safe manner, being passionate about quality, eliminating waste and changing the way we measure our performance. More than ever, we’re focused on things we can control, such as the quality, health and safety of our work.


Addressing overall quality, we recently implemented a comprehensive operational excellence platform called Harris Business Excellence that helps every employee contribute to our ongoing improvement. The ultimate goals are better business performance and improved customer satisfaction. We’ve implemented industry-proven processes and tools to help eliminate all forms of waste and non-value added activities from our daily work. Embedded as part of our company’s culture, these advantages help us make gains over long term, even during periods of budget uncertainties.

Health, Safety and Environment

Our dedication to employee safety is fundamental to the culture of our organization. We protect our employees by minimizing workplace risk and above all promoting a positive work ethos. We’re dedicated to conducting business as responsible corporate citizens and are committed to business practices that support a sustainable global environment. Harris CapRock fulfills this commitment globally through compliance with applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate.

We strive to:

  • Improve the efficiency of our operations and processes
  • Instruct and encourage employees to work in a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible manner
  • Engage Harris CapRock supply chain partners to support our sustainability objectives through similar practices
  • Enhance our customers’ experience with our products and services by improving their eco-efficiency, while maintaining our high standards of quality, reliability and performance