Harris Business Excellence (HBX)

Harris Business Excellence (HBX) is a Harris standard of well-defined, sustainable improvement processes that closely link improvement actions to corporate strategy. Leveraging best practices and institutionalizing continuous improvement based upon Lean and Six Sigma methodologies are key enablers of HBX. Building skills and capabilities through training and enabling the exchange of talent and skills across the enterprise are key components of the HBX strategy.

HBX won’t be achieved overnight. It will take constant, deliberate efforts to build and sustain this culture over time. There is a multi-year plan to incorporate HBX throughout all businesses, all functions and all end-to-end business processes, resulting in every employee engaged in sustainable, continuous improvement.

Harris Business Excellence (HBX) drives every aspect of our culture and performance. It impacts every functional discipline and every employee. It is not separate from our business, but how we run it to achieve our strategic goals for long-term success.

HBX is:

  • A culture of continuous improvement and a commitment to excellence.
  • A system that links improvement action to corporate strategy by using consistent principles, processes, and tools to eliminate waste, improve business performance, and increase customer value.
  • A competency developed in every employee that is teachable and measurable, and which empowers employees to implement the system across the company.

Every employee engaged in sustained, continuous improvement delivering better business performance and improved customer satisfaction.

Harris Business Excellence (HBX) is a central part of our long term growth strategy. Our vision is that every Harris employee is engaged in sustained, continuous improvement that delivers better business performance and increased customer satisfaction. We realize this vision through:

Customer Value – HBX drives our company through a never-ending cycle of change and improvement to be the best-in-class global provider of mission-critical assured communications systems, offering a superior value proposition to our customers.

Accountability – Each of us is responsible for flawlessly executing our own responsibilities and for seeking ways in which we can improve our contribution to the success of our business enterprise as a whole.

Culture – HBX is ingrained in our company culture as the fundamental way in which we conduct business. Every Harris employee at every level is engaged in this ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Metrics – The principles and processes of HBX are specific, teachable and measurable. They embody rigor and discipline that can be validated by key performance metrics to demonstrate competitive advantage.