Our collective commitment to our Standards of Business Conduct serves to protect our well-deserved reputation. Our Standards of Business Conduct Program provides information, guidance, and resources to help employees make informed business decisions and to act on those decisions with integrity. It is important for Harris leaders at all levels to set the tone of “doing the right thing, the right way.” By doing this, the Business Conduct Program helps us to foster, manage, and reward a culture of ethics and accountability.

Our Company Values

We all have a desire for our business to succeed and grow and we do not compromise our values to achieve that success.

Delivering Customer Value
We value customer focus in all that we do.

Global Inclusion/Collaboration/Teamwork
We realize that more creative solutions and success come from working together and supporting each other to achieve our goals.

Results-Oriented Environment
We value constant striving for improvement in all we do and in flawlessly executing our tasks to achieve results.

We are focused on solving mission-critical needs through innovation and creative thinking.

Personal Growth and Fulfillment
We value self-directed, continual learning and personal fulfillment.

Our value-based ethics program focuses on the core value of Integrity. We make it clear that there are no “gray” areas when it comes to Integrity in all we do and who we are. We further define Integrity to mean:

We pledge to treat all stakeholders – employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers and our communities – with dignity and fairness.

Our employees are inspired – and inspire each other – to maximize their contributions to our organizational efforts.

We will obey the laws of the countries in which we operate and will strive to better the communities in which we live and work.

We make truthfulness and accuracy the basis for all of our interactions.

Each of us must be personally accountable for all of our actions taken on behalf of the Company.