High-Throughput Satellites – Separating Facts from Fiction

At Harris CapRock, we’re dedicated to providing our customers the tools necessary to make informed decisions about what technologies are right for their operations. One of the biggest questions facing our customers right now is “Which next-generation High Throughput Satellite (HTS) technology is right for them?”

To separate the truth from the hype, we’ve launched a microsite to help customers learn the strengths and weaknesses of HTS technologies. Last quarter, we shared that Harris CapRock conducted an extensive independent analysis of several Ka and Ku HTS platforms to determine their potential use for customers across the energy, maritime and government markets. This new microsite presents key findings from that study in a simple but comprehensive manner, clearing up any confusion about the differences between Ka-band HTS and Ku-band HTS.

Content highlights include:

  • An overview of next-generation HTS technology
  • An examination of popular claims about Ka-band HTS and Ku-band HTS
  • Service and equipment cost comparisons between Ka-band HTS and Ku-band HTS
  • An explanation of Ka-band HTS performance issues, including animated graphics that illustrate mitigation techniques
  • A compilation of what other industry experts are saying about HTS technologies

We invite you to spend some time at www.kafactcheck.com and get the real scoop about HTS technologies. You may be surprised at what you find.

Visit http://www.kafactcheck.com