Disaster Recovery

Communication outages caused by severe storms, unexpected disasters and localized telecom disruptions can occur at a moment’s notice, often unexpectedly. Businesses are often not able to wait for the time it takes to restore the damaged local utilities – which may be days or even weeks – as they need access to reliable communications to keep their critical operations up and running.

Harris CapRock’s services are designed to help clients recover from a localized or broad-scale event that has downed terrestrial communications in an area of operational importance to the customer. The services may be used either to restore communications temporarily to an office or an operations facility in the affected area or to provide voice and broadband communications to first responder teams that may be operating in disaster areas.

Available services differ by country based on typical in-region customer requirements. Examples of available services may include:

Self-contained trailer systems that include everything needed to set-up a temporary communicationcenter. The solution includes the use of a completely self-contained transportable satellite communications trailer, including all satellite communications and networking equipment, VoIP telephone(s) and a fax machine.
Customized, quick office setup solution. This allows clients to set up a new office and connectivity as quickly as possible and delivers the hardware, software and services needed to get a fully functional new office up and running – all in a single bundle, in an extremely short time.
Dual Teleport Configuration (DTC) program provides additional assurance for teleport redundancy and dual routing services. The service provides customers with a pre-configured alternate service in the event that the main Harris CapRock teleport it leverages were to be impacted.


To learn more about Harris CapRock’s disaster recovery services, please email HCdisasterrecovery@harris.com or call (832) 668-2300.