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How AssuredCare Works | AssuredCare Mobile App

Harris CapRock’s customers operate in remote, harsh locations where highly dependable communication is more than just a luxury – it’s a lifeline. We know that, to maintain the highest network performance, you need more than a call center. That’s why we developed AssuredCare, our comprehensive customer service and network management program. AssuredCare pulls together the tools, trained staff and capabilities to proactively monitor and manage complex networks. From headquarters and corporate offices to remote end-users, our customers have confidence that any communications issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently so they can stay focused on their core mission.

Harris CapRock owns and invests in its robust global infrastructure, giving the company visibility into the daily operations of the complete network and the ability to quickly respond to network issues and implement new technologies. Harris CapRock controls the service quality for the entire user experience from end to end.

The company’s comprehensive training program ensures that customer support centers do not operate simply as call centers, but as engineering facilities staffed by skilled personnel. In almost all cases, engineers are able to fix issues from the customer support center by accessing networks and equipment remotely or using knowledge from hands-on training to guide customers through the problem. This comprehensive remote AssuredCare support saves customers the time and costs associated with sending technicians to their sites.

Harris CapRock has developed tools that provide customers with complete transparency into their networks. These online tools allow customers to see exactly what’s happening with their service in near real-time. As part of the service, customers can receive automatic email notifications and daily reports about service availability, open incident tickets and other relevant network data.

Customers can receive network optimization services including network performance diagnostics, in-depth recommendations and implementation on performance optimizations. The company’s certified field technicians and engineers are available to provide customers field services support. They take responsibility for all logistics from equipment delivery and installation to configuration and start up.

Why AssuredCare?

checkmark Reduced Costs – AssuredCare offers the ability to proactively detect and remotely resolve most potential network issues, thus reducing the costs and delays associated with deploying technicians to a customer site.


Consistent Mission Communications – Our customer support centers provide centralized, around-the-clock, multi-disciplined engineers to handle customers’ connectivity concerns quickly and efficiently.


Performance-enhancing Services – Harris CapRock controls the service quality for the entire user experience from end to end. We own and invest in our global infrastructure, giving us visibility into the daily operations of the complete network, as well as the ability to respond to network issues quickly and implement new technologies.