Managed Communications Services for River and Ocean Cruises

Harris CapRock specializes in the complete integration and management of communications, entertainment, navigation and other IT systems. The company has provided managed communications services to the cruise industry since 1999 and currently delivers unprecedented service performance to more than 150 cruise ships operating around the world. From making a phone call home or accessing social media sites to transmitting a remote maintenance report to headquarters or holding a video conference with the team onshore, Harris CapRock’s engineered networks provide service that exceeds expectations. If you’re interested in more information on Harris CapRock’s communications services for your ship, please e-mail us at with “Cruise Inquiry” in the subject line.

Harris CapRock One
Serving as the industry’s most intelligent communications solution available, Harris CapRock One is a unique platform that utilizes a proprietary multi-band antenna and embedded network intelligence to connect to the best-fit satellite, wireless or terrestrial link. For more on Harris CapRock One, click here. Additional information on all of Harris CapRock’s products and services can be found on our brochures page on Harris

All you need to know about Cruise Communications Services

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