Tiburon’s Diver’s Eye powered by Harris CapRock™ Provides Solution for Subsea Project

Tiburon is no stranger to challenging subsea projects. But when the company was recently hired to repair a leakage that would get an offshore oil platform back into production, it turned to Harris CapRock for a fully managed service offering that would surely ease the challenge.


Tiburon Divers is a leading commercial diving company that is committed to raising the bar in the industry through customer focus, innovation and a corporate culture open to different ideas. Clients rely on Tiburon to provide subsea maintenance and repair services for critical offshore infrastructure – most notably pipelines, platforms, drilling rigs and barges. With most projects located far offshore in remote areas, keeping clients abreast of findings in real-time proves to be a real challenge.


A customer had contracted Tiburon to assess the subsea section of a platform’s riser that was leaking into the J-tube. Tiburon’s objective was to remove the bad section and place an end-connector to effectively repair the riser and return the platform to production mode. Tiburon needed a way to directly communicate to its client, along with the pipe manufacturer, what the damaged section looked like and to assess if there was any pitting on the pipe that could potentially affect the seal for the end-connector.


Tiburon’s Diver’s Eye powered by Harris CapRock played an integral role in the project by reliably delivering a visual link into the subsea remote site. Utilizing Harris CapRock’s secure web-based portal, all parties including Tiburon, were able to log on from their desktops and collectively view the underwater video footage to assess the situation in real-time so they could collaborate as to if the pitting presented a problem. Tiburon’s Diver’s Eye powered by Harris CapRock enabled the client and the end-connector manufacturer to get directly involved and determine that the pitting was not problematic.


As a result of this prompt resolution via real-time collaboration, Tiburon was able to move forward with the completion of the repair, saving time and money. Without Tiburon’s Diver’s Eye powered by Harris CapRock, Tiburon would have been forced to make an independent field call which could have resulted in an ineffective repair of the leaking riser. The project could have incurred additional expenses doubling the original estimate if the company would have had to go back out for more repairs.