Talisman Energy


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By connecting partners and vendors via a secure, single point of presence that is managed 24×7, the Oil Partnering Network has transformed the way oil companies conduct business. Participants in the Oil Partnering Network manage only one connection to the network rather than hundreds of individual connections to each of their suppliers and partners, offering a reliable, streamlined solution for their critical business operations.

Talisman Energy Inc. is a global, diversified, upstream oil and gas company headquartered in Canada. Talisman’s three main
operating areas are North America, the North Sea and Southeast Asia. A growing number of project contractor offices
across Europe required a method of securely connecting to Talisman’s Citrix Portal in Aberdeen.

The pre-existing access method utilized two-factor authentification and was susceptible to time-outs and loss of service.
Additionally, each end-user required their own secure token. Talisman needed a way to ensure staff could remain
productive and connected throughout the day. The solution would need to be flexible enough to match the varied
project durations.

The Harris CapRock Oil Partnering Network (OPNET) provided secure connectivity for each of the contractor offices
directly to Talisman, an existing customer. The connectivity provided each contractor office with an always-on, secure
channel for access to the portal. With a fast delivery time, minimum one-month contract and a modular design, the
OPNET solution proved to be a good fit.

The secure, always-on connectivity provided by OPNET removed the need for two-factor authentification. Staff
remained connected and productive with fewer time-outs or loss of service. The modularity of the OPNET design
allowed additional project contractor offices to be added and removed when required. As a fully managed, end-to-end
solution, Harris CapRock was able to relieve Talisman of the administrative burden of connectivity.