Case Studies

With installations in over 140 countries here is a small sampling of case studies and press releases about our work with our customers.


Cruise line operators face IT demands ranging from providing passenger entertainment services to delivering corporate data and information to captains and crews so they can manage their vessels efficiently. Leveraging highly reliable communications is critical to ensure that vessels experience no operational downtime and can be operated with the full amenities and functionality available as if the cruise ships were actually resorts onshore.

Commercial Shipping
Within the last decade, communications and IT solutions designed specifically for commercial vessels have grown exponentially. Vessel owners and operators need a partner to help evaluate solutions, determine the best fit, integrate technologies as necessary and provide ongoing service and maintenance. By leveraging one vendor, customers can focus on their shipping operations and not be burdened with managing the multiple components of their network.


Offshore Drilling and Deepwater Production
Today, Harris CapRock has completed projects in more than 140 countries ranging from custom-developed satellite networks to turnkey systems integration services for new-build rigs. Leading rig owners, operators and service companies partner with Harris CapRock for proven reliability, consistent quality of service and superior customer service.

Land Drilling
When operating a land drilling site, remote personnel need to collaborate with experts back in the regional offices or headquarters. Sending critical well data back to specialists and receiving input and direction enables remote personnel to make more educated, quicker drilling decisions.


Federal and Civilian
From humanitarian aid and Homeland Security operations to emergency response efforts, the mission sets of today’s federal and civilian agencies have become increasingly complex and global in nature. In times of crisis, reliable communication networks are critical for information sharing and real-time decision-making.

International Agencies
Allied countries around the world today deal with increasingly complex threat pictures including international conflicts in unfamiliar environments, terrorist threats and environmental disasters. To meet these more complex needs, foreign governments’ and allied forces’ procurement of defense material and support services involves an increasing degree of international collaboration with authorities and companies in different countries.