Harris CapRock Employee Goes the Extra Mile, Nominated for Elgin/Franklin Gold Award



Thanks to his exceptional performance and professionalism, Gordon Flett, a radio operator for Harris CapRock, has been nominated for the Elgin/Franklin Gold Award. The Gold Award is part of Total E&P UK’s annual SHE Awards, now in its 12th year. The Total SHE Awards recognize achievements that have led to improvements in safety, health and environmental performance.

Flett’s recent proactive actions led to the nomination.

While Flett was monitoring airband, there was a “PAN PAN” from a helicopter – which is an international distress signal of less urgency than a “mayday” signal. From onshore, Flett found the telephone number of a platform in the vicinity of the helicopter and then alerted the platform to action their airband in order to communicate with the pilot. This enabled a further assessment of the helicopter status through a visual report from the Platform Helicopter Landing Officer, confirming the pilot’s diagnosis.

Flett’s excellent presence of mind to go the extra mile and assist the flight crew was gratefully received.

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