Global VSAT Form Receives Prestigious Awards While Harris CapRock Cybersecurity Compliance Grows

The past year has been outstanding for the Global VSAT Forum (GVF), and with Harris CapRock President Tracey Haslam on the GVF’s Board of Directors, the organization has earned many achievements throughout 2016. The organization’s hard work and dedication has paid off in the form of two prestigious awards – The Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) Better Satellite World Award and The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation Award in International Achievement.

Each of these awards were presented to the GVF in recognition of its in-depth training and certification program, of which Harris CapRock has been deeply involved in as an industry leader, market access, its work in enhancing disaster preparedness and efforts promoting connectivity in developing countries.

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SSPI Better Satellite World Award

The SSPI Better Satellite World Awards are presented in four categories – economy, knowledge, humanity and communications. A single award is presented in each category, and selection is made by an international jury.

The GVF was presented with the 2016 SSPI award, based on its global and regional impact on communication and humanity, for its work in providing a platform for satellite regulatory issues and professional training in VSAT technologies for organizations around the world. More specifically, the award recognized the GVF’s promotion of market liberalization, licensing reform and spectrum access, online training and certification program for VSAT terminal installers and operators, which has enrolled more than 13,000 professionals in every major region across 30 different GVF courses, and its nearly 20 years of working to establish a more effective and sustainable model for global disaster preparedness.

Arthur C. Clarke Foundation Award in International Achievement
The 2016 Arthur C. Clarke Foundation Award in International Achievement was presented to the GVF in recognition of the organization’s “effective and staunch support and promotion of the satellite industry.” Along with its training and certification program, the award recognized the GVF’s advocacy for global access to satellite spectrum resources and sound regulatory policies. The latter of which has been enabled by the GVF’s Regulatory Working Group and Satellite Spectrum Initiative, which includes cooperation with governments, inter-governmental organizations and allied associations.

Additionally, the award recognized GVF’s achievements in promoting solutions which encompass the GVF’s coordination with industries, governments and end users. These solutions have resulted in a range of programs designed to improve and expand access to satellite-based solutions, including equipment quality through the MRA Working Group, disaster preparedness through the Disaster Preparedness Initiative and network integrity through the Cyber-Security Task Force, of which Harris CapRock has worked with to meet cybersecurity standards within our own network.

With the many facets of GVF and its supporting organizations, it is no wonder that they have achieved great things this year. The organization’s dedication continues to further knowledge and efficiency in the satellite industry and provides professionals with the training and insight that is essential to the future of satellite communications.

Harris CapRock Achieves Cybersecurity Compliance
As a GVF member organization, we are proud of the accomplishments that Tracey and the GVF team have been able to achieve, and thanks to the GVF’s help and Tracey’s guidance, Harris CapRock has achieved full compliance with the Satellite Service Provider Security (SSPSec) Cyber-Security Guidelines of the GVF.

As one of Harris CapRock’s customers’ largest priorities, we take cybersecurity seriously. Not only has Harris CapRock secured our own networks, but we also offer comprehensive cyber services for our customers. By complying with GVF’s SSPSec requirements, Harris CapRock has proven that we are committed to following best practices for our own infrastructure, as well as assuring customers that when it comes to this critical topic, we are all in.

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