Global VSAT Form Receives Prestigious Awards While Harris CapRock Cybersecurity Compliance Grows

The past year has been outstanding for the Global VSAT Forum (GVF), and with Harris CapRock President Tracey Haslam on the GVF’s Board of Directors, the organization has earned many achievements throughout 2016. The organization’s hard work and dedication has paid off in the form of two prestigious awards – The Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) Better Satellite World Award and The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation Award in International Achievement.

Each of these awards were presented to the GVF in recognition of its in-depth training and certification program, of which Harris CapRock has been deeply involved in as an industry leader, market access, its work in enhancing disaster preparedness and efforts promoting connectivity in developing countries.

Securing Your Data










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Harris CapRock Employee Goes the Extra Mile, Nominated for Elgin/Franklin Gold Award



Thanks to his exceptional performance and professionalism, Gordon Flett, a radio operator for Harris CapRock, has been nominated for the Elgin/Franklin Gold Award. The Gold Award is part of Total E&P UK’s annual SHE Awards, now in its 12th year. The Total SHE Awards recognize achievements that have led to improvements in safety, health and environmental performance.

Flett’s recent proactive actions led to the nomination.

While Flett was monitoring airband, there was a “PAN PAN” from a helicopter – which is an international distress signal of less urgency than a “mayday” signal. From onshore, Flett found the telephone number of a platform in the vicinity of the helicopter and then alerted the platform to action their airband in order to communicate with the pilot. This enabled a further assessment of the helicopter status through a visual report from the Platform Helicopter Landing Officer, confirming the pilot’s diagnosis.

Flett’s excellent presence of mind to go the extra mile and assist the flight crew was gratefully received.

Beam Me Up, Harris CapRock: New Generation of Automatic Beam Switching Systems Provides Constant Connectivity for Seamless Customer Experiences


Businesses with operations offshore, such as those in the energy and cruise industries, must maintain reliable communications while moving rigs or ships from one region of the world to another. Satellite communications have become the most viable option, but they also face unique communication challenges. Often, vessels travel in and out of satellite’s ranges, and because of this, they must have the ability to connect to multiple satellites in order to keep continuous communications.

Connecting to satellite networks requires the remote hardware on the vessel be setup to communicate with the equipment in the location where the satellite signal lands and connects to the internet. Several methods have been developed over the years to accomplish this connection, but settings must be changed as the customer travels the globe. With the introduction of Automatic Beam Switching (ABS), equipment settings could be changed as the networks are traversed. Though the technology has developed over the years, the majority of these systems allow satellite networks to be preprogrammed into the ABS unit, allowing the system to automatically switch to satellites it knows to be within view.

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RGU Receives Equipment Donation from Harris CapRock


left to right: Dr. Andrei Petrovski (RGU), Obinna Edward Onugha (CapRock), Professor Chrisina Jayne (RGU), Christopher McDermott (RGU), Dale Gray (CapRock), Jay Gray (CapRock)

left to right: Dr. Andrei Petrovski (RGU), Obinna Edward Onugha (CapRock), Professor Chrisina Jayne (RGU), Christopher McDermott (RGU), Dale Gray (CapRock), Jay Gray (CapRock)

Members of RGU’s School of Computing Science and Digital Media have received a donation of CISCO networking equipment from the professionals at Harris CapRock.

Members of the Harris CapRock team visited the computing labs at The Sir Ian Wood Building on Wednesday September 21.

The equipment was donated as part of the university’s summer equipment refresh and included six switches and four routers, among which were the department’s first Gigabit speed edge switches.

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Understanding Bandwidth Needs for the Best Performance

Customers have options when it comes to their networks. Cost, download and upload speed, reliability and application all factor into prioritizing elements in a configuration. Customers can work with companies like Harris CapRock to best determine personal bandwidth needs for optimal performance.


Bandwidth 101

Bandwidth is the volume at which data is transmitted, and the higher the bandwidth, the more data that is simultaneously transferred. Expressed as kilobits per second (Kbps), megabits per second (Mbps) or gigabits per second (Gbps), rates are listed typically in the satellite industry as “bandwidth of traffic going to the customer/bandwidth of traffic leaving the customer” (e.g. 512/128 Kbps). This would mean that you are communicating at a 512 Kbps receipt speed and a 128 Kbps transmit speed.

File size, on the other hand, is shown in bytes (8 bytes are in 1 bit). Typical files sizes are measured in kilobytes (1,000 bytes), megabytes (1 million bytes), gigabytes (1 billion bytes) and terabytes (1 trillion bytes). The larger the file, the more bandwidth is needed to transmit.

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