Advanced VSAT

Today’s offshore and deepwater communications and associated bandwidth requirements continue to grow and customer operations continue to be more dynamic. Utilizing next-generation satellite communications infrastructure equipment, Harris CapRock’s Advanced VSAT solution enables real-time bandwidth upgrades based on changing operational requirements through a secure and cost-effective solution.

Harris CapRock’s Advanced VSAT solution dynamically reassigns satellite capacity on demand by leveraging dynamic network architecture to meet operational requirements for true bandwidth-on-demand, higher link availability, rapid implementation and improved connection quality. The platform allows for high-quality, resilient and secure communications services globally, with bandwidth increases in a matter of hours versus days or weeks. Real-time bandwidth upgrade requests have never been easier or more efficient.

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Dynamic Bandwidth Management (dSCPC) architecture allows each location on the network to use the maximum bandwidth available, without incurring the traditional costs associated with dedicated bandwidth. Bandwidth usage is further enhanced with Adaptive Code Modulation techniques to ensure the accuracy and reliability of traffic throughput.

  • Meets customer demand for increased bandwidth after hardware upgrade*
  • Global standard predefined rates (per region space segment costs)
  • Higher BUC power options enables customers higher throughput speed options & true “on demand” services:
    • Real Time Video Streaming
    • Bandwidth Boosts
    • HD Video support
    • Scheduled Event planning
    • Live Video Surveillance
    • Telemedicine
  • Latest Modulation Techniques
    • Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) ensures the highest quality of service with minimal jitter and processing latency for real-time traffic, priority treatment of mission critical applications and maximum bandwidth efficiency
    • Adaptive Coding & Modulation (ACM) provides higher satellite link availability
    • New technology allows customers to quickly and seamlessly increase bandwidth even for limited time

*Requires technology upgrade to replace older, less efficient equipment with new, higher performing devices