VSAT Network Solutions

Custom-Engineered VSAT Communications

Communicate with full local area network (LAN) capabilities and protocols to your offices, regardless of location. Harris CapRock offers secure, reliable networking solutions based on custom-engineered very small aperture terminal (VSAT) communications for land and sea. VSAT technologies ensure link security and reliability, with end-to-end management and comprehensive customer support systems.


  • Multiple topologies: We provide single point-to-point links, star, partial-mesh, and fully meshed topologies.
  • Global teleport infrastructure: Our teleport infrastructure mirrors the key areas of oil and gas exploration and production around the world. It provides a truly global footprint enabling a VSAT network, regardless of your location.
  • Network services portal: An online customer interface that enables you to monitor your network infrastructure in real time.
  • License facilitator: We can work with local governmental agencies and other regulatory bodies to secure cost-effective licensing. We have VSAT operator licenses in the US, UK, Singapore, Brazil, Venezuela, and Nigeria.
  • Global support: Our 24/7 Customer Support Center (CSC) provides first-line diagnostic, staffed with trained engineers, to resolve problems on the first call.
  • Local support: Technical support is available in all locations worldwide, provided by experienced engineers locally.
  • Features

  • Cost-efficient, high-performance networks optimized on the basis of cost, performance, and flexibility
  • Genuine end-to-end managed services
  • Custom-engineered solutions to meet your specific needs
  • Global VSAT coverage with seamless integration with terrestrial infrastructure
  • Operations on existing Ku and C band
  • IPerformer Private IP-Enabled VSAT Network Solution

    A shared service delivery model to cost-effectively address single-site or multisite VSAT installations

    IPresence Entry-Level VSAT Solution

    A shared service delivery model to cost-effectively address single-site or multisite VSAT installations

    High Performance SCPC Networks

    Provide secure, high-speed fixed bandwidth satellite connectivity for individual remotely located sites

    Fully Meshed TDMA VSAT Networks

    State of the art, any-to-any, fully meshed VSAT network solutions for robust multisite remote connectivity

    Next-Generation VSAT Network Monitoring

    VSAT technology-neutral satellite and hybrid network management system

    Global Teleport Infrastructure

    Twelve Harris CapRock operated globally deployed teleports supporting full range of VSAT communications services